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Alright guys it’s time for a giveaway! 

So I’ve got a shit load of clay and little keychain doodads! So the winner will get one cute keychain of their choice! Do you want a John keychain? Sure I’ll make you one. Have some awesome OC? Bam you have some nice oc merch! If you don’t want a keychain I could make you a necklace.  I’ll go and buy some nicer necklace parts for ya if you’d rather have one of those. 

But wait theres more oooo ahhh. If you follow me I’ll throw in some other neat stuff! If you follow me, I’ll make you 2 keychains. I’ll also buy you some candy, and something I’ll buy you some fandom merch, name an anime I’ll find you something. It’ll be from the store Phase ID, maybe I’ll get you a necklace or a keychain. I don’t know whatever I’ve got money for. You want a poster? I’ll get you one there. They have nice posters. Need a pair of gloves for that cosplay? Let me know if they have ‘em I’ll get that. But yeah thats pretty open. 

So rules! 

1. Reblog this as much as you want, I don’t care. Oh and likes count!
2. I’ll pretty much ship anywhere. This is a small giveaway so yup. 

3. You obviously don’t need to be following me but hey, you get more free stuff if you do! 

4. Please no giveaway blogs! 

5. I’ll send a message to your ask telling you if you’ve won. 

This giveaway ends on May 1st so you’ve pretty much got an entire month for this so get to reblogging!

Review of what you win:
If you follow me: 

2 hand made keychains/necklaces (or one of each) 

Something from Phase ID (anything it’ll be under $15 bucks I’m a broke teenage girl) 


Idonno maybe I’ll throw in a doodle, probably not you don’t want my crappy artwork.

If you don’t follow me: 
One keychain (That makes you want to follow instead doesn’t it?)